Tuesday, March 09, 2021

Chore Chart

We FINALLY have set up a chore system at our house.  The kids are the ones who have been asking for it.  They wanted to earn money and they are old enough to be helping around the house and honestly - I could use a little help.  So it's a win for everyone.  

I thought I would share what is working for us.  We have set up a spreadsheet listing out all kinds of chores.  Each chore is assigned an amount.  Then we print out a sheet for Harper and a sheet for Hollis each week.  (Will Holden just has 2-3 jobs and no sheet).

They can choose what they do and then check when it's done.  They don't HAVE to do all of these chores but if they don't - they don't get any money and the more they do the more they earn.  This seems to motivate them.  And teaches them the harder you work - the more you are rewarded.  We need to work on teaching them about saving, giving, spending and tithing next.  Scott is already wanting to teach Harper about investing.  

We pay them weekly - I go and get the cash on Saturdays to pay them.  (In this picture - Harper has leftover birthday money in her envelope too) 

It's working pretty well for us and it's been nice to have someone else putting away laundry and emptying the dishwasher - especially when I'm not home most days.  They probably only do a few of these a day but at least we have progress! 

Here is a link if you want to use and modify for your own kids. 

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