Tuesday, March 23, 2021

A day in Branson

Last Tuesday, Hollis turned TEN! I can hardly believe it.  We gave her the choice of a birthday party or a family fun day and she chose the day of fun.  And we had a really fun day.  

All she really wanted for her birthday was money.  So I made her a money tree! It was so fun and she LOVED it.  

And it was easier than coming up with things to buy! 

Scott caught this picture and we have laughed so much.  The looks on their faces says it all - sister rivalry. Harper really isn't a jealous kid but I think for one moment she wishes she would have asked for money. ha! 

We drove to Branson and my parents and my Aunt Linda met us at Mellow Mushroom for lunch.  The birthday girl wanted pizza.  It was nice that my parents could join.  They don't live too far from Branson so that worked out.  It was one year ago today that my dad was stuck in Africa and I was trying to get him home.  What a crazy time that was.  And I keep forgetting my mom had breast cancer just 3 months ago because she is doing so amazing! 

Love my family! 

After lunch we had a tailgate party and Hollis opened her gifts from my family.  

Then we left my family and headed to a new place - Wonderworks.  It is sort of like a kids museum and an amusement park in one.  We really enjoyed it.  We stayed about 3.5 hours and could have stayed longer.  

They had a lot of interactive games, art displays and stem things.  

They had several rides.  Most of them Will Holden was too short for but the girls rode and loved them! 

Their favorite was this roller coaster stimulator.  

I had thought going on a Tuesday that it wouldn't be crowded but I underestimated spring break trips.  Branson was SUPER crowded.  Like a summer day.  But we still had fun.  

She wanted Cracker Barrel for dinner so we stopped there for dinner before heading home.  

We got home late and had school the next day.  Everyone was super grumpy the next morning but it was worth it to have a fun day in Branson celebrating our girl.  

 And we had gorgeous weather which was lucky because it has rained a lot this month.  The sunset was beautiful driving home.  

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