Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Wednesday Favorites

 We are having an ice storm today.  So our kids are home doing virtual school.  Covid did away with ever having true snow days which is a sad thing.  Thankfully they can do the school pretty quick and have a fun day.  They are just glad to be home for a day.  And I"m okay with having a slow day. 

I thought I would share some of my favorite things from lately! 

A lot of beauty influencers use similar brushes for putting on makeup but they are around $300.  I found this set on amazon for $16.  It has 5 brushes.  I think it really does help my makeup on go on better but I also like to use one of the smaller ones for putting on concealer and the second largest I use to put on bronzer and blush and it works better than any sponge or brush I have tried before.  And for $16 - it's a great deal! 

I am currently reading two books right now.  I carry them around in my bag every where I go.  One is "That Sounds Fun" by Annie Downs.  I love her and her books - they are so relatable.  

This is Laura Tremaine's first book and it's a great book to do in a book club or with a couple of friends.  Each chapter she shares things and then gives you questions to ask yourselves and others.  It's a memoir/relationship book.  It's so interesting and fun! 

A lot of you have asked me about this book since I mentioned.  It's written by a sweet IG friend who has gone through a LOT of hard things.  This is a book of encouragement for anyone who is struggling or sad or having a tough time.  I actually gave a copy to a friend yesterday who I thought needed it.  

I got some Ordinary products to try from Ulta.  They are very reasonable priced and seem to work really well.  I have been trying out this Buffet serum. It has peptides and is good for aging skin.  Hand raised! And it's only $14 and lasts a long time! 

I just ordered this dress from Target yesterday.  I saw two of my favorite IG people wearing it and it looks comfortable and easy.  I will let you know! 

Scott and I are re-watching Lost.  We watched it when we first got married and I have memories of being super pregnant with Harper and laying on the couch as we watched a new episode.  I have forgotten so much of it so it's almost like we are watching a brand new show.  It's on Amazon Prime.  I'm also watching Designing Women on there. ha! 

One of my favorite IG accounts is @livingbydisney.  I'm dying to go back to Disney so she gives me daily glances and keeps me updated on everything I need to know! I highly recommend if you have a trip coming up! 

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