Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Ears and Cheers!

Last Monday I took Harper for her annual audiologist appointment.  It's so nice to only have to go once a year and just to be able to do down the road.  For the first 8 years - we drove to Little Rock for appointments at least twice a year but at first we went every couple of months.  

Now it's like a special fun date she and I get to have.  

If you are new - when Harper was born, she had pneumonia and wasn't breathing.  They air flighted her to Tulsa where she spent about 5 weeks in the NICU.  She was very critical at first and on an oscillator for two weeks.  That can cause hearing loss and it did.  We discovered she couldn't hear when she was about 18 months and she got her first hearing aids at 2.  

Her appointments used to be very stressful but now it's so quick and easy.  

The part of the hearing aid that goes inside her ears are called ear molds.  She gets new ones as she grows or just at least once a year because they get kind of yucky over time.  They put this pink stuff in her ears to get a mold of her ear and then they send them off to get the actual molds made.  

After her appointment she wanted to go to Kennedy coffee for a smoothie and I wasn't sad to get coffee. 

Her new ear molds because yesterday.  She picked lavender sparkles and they turned out cute.  

I love this sweet girl so much.  This morning before school, she and her best friends were texting about how they wanted to start reading the Bible together and "get to know the Lord together better".  I can't even tell you how that made me feel.  What a gift! 

I have been subbing a lot lately.  Every class in our district has this bottle of cleaner and green towels.  We have to wipe all desks and tables down constantly.  And by we I mean the teachers have to do this.  They are working over time this year.  

You never know who you might see on our town square.  This storm trooper was out last week and we had to go by and see him.  

I took the girls to a preteen worship service last week and this was the sunset.  The last year has been a HARD year on so many levels but I think we have had the prettiest sun rises and sunsets I can ever remember.  Nearly every day.  It's like God is showing us that He is with us! And He is showing us in a beautiful way! 

Milli has needed a hair cut for a while but with the busy holidays and the fact that it takes a long time to get in the groomer she was just so over grown when I finally got her in.  I like her fluffy but she had a lot of matting so she had to get shaved.  

She looks like a different dog and a super skinny one.  But she's so clean and I think she looks so cute! 

This guy keeps me on my toes always.  He never stops talking and always has something funny to say.  His class is quarantined right now so I'm home trying to do virtual school with him.  The google meet with 25 5 year olds about did me in.  I know a lot of you have been doing virtual for a year and to you I say KUDOS and GOD BLESS.  I am grateful we have been in school all year and made it to February before we had to quarantine.  ha! 


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