Friday, February 12, 2021

Shopping for Tweens

 I get asked a lot where I shop for the girls.  These ages of 10-13 or so can be a hard age to buy clothes.  Too big for little girl clothes and not ready to look like teenagers.  Of course, my girls have all kinds of cute clothes but wear the same 3 sweatshirts every week.  

I thought I would post some cute things I would buy if my girls would wear them.  ha! 

Cute top from H&M.  They sometimes have cute things online! 

It's a sweatshirt but it's sparkly! A little more bougie than the average hoodie! (You have to trick them sometimes) (And it's $15 from H&M)

It's a sweatshirt but it's ruffled!!! Score! 

I have found that Wild Fable at Target has some cute things for the tween stage.  They have cute sweatshirt dresses or casual dresses that can be worn with leggings.  

I love this top at Jcrew and it's on sale for $16!!!

Hollis has this sweatshirt from J Crew and it's super cute! 

Can't go wrong with cute soft hoodies! In a ton of colors! 

Love this casual knit dress! 

My girls love all things the North Face and this jacket is on sale for $30 right now! 

Where do you like to shop for your Tweens?? 

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