Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Partying like it's 1999

We had a super busy weekend.  I feel like I'm just now catching up! 


Harper's birthday was 2 weeks ago but because of scheduling we had a little party this past Friday night.  She wanted a slumber party with her best friends.  She was surprised when she came home from school with this sign! These have been so popular during Covid.  If you are local - you should totally get one at cardmyyard.com 

I picked out a few of her favorite things - like coffee and guitar! 

We got all the girls after school and made a run to starbucks.  It's so funny to me.  When I was in high school and even college I didn't know ANYONE who drank coffee.  It wasn't a thing.  And now the middle school kids are in to it.  I mean they mostly like the frappachinos or "pink drinks" but it's still kind of fun.  

This is a sweet group of friends.  I say it a lot but it's one of the things I'm most thankful for in 2020 and beyond.  

Harper wanted a Nothing Bundt Cake for her cake.  They are the BEST cakes.  

I love this picture.  They were celebrating her and it was just so fun.  They had the best time.  We need community.  No matter what age.  I had to make them go to bed at 2:30 a.m.  They are also so sweet to always include Hollis every time they come over.  They always say "She's a cool little sister - not an annoying one".  

Meanwhile Will Holden got student of the week and got to bring home Buzz the Bee (which hopefully is sanitized every week. ha!) He was SO proud.  He wants to be in the middle of the big girls all the time and I have to constantly tell him they don't really want a 5 year old boy hanging with them.  Life is hard. ha! 

He was happy because he got to go to his own party on Saturday.  It was an art party for a little girl in his class.  He said " i LOVE art" and he also LOVES parties.  Invite Will Holden to ANYTHNG - he will ALWAYS want to come! ha! Parents couldn't stay due to covid and I was NOT sad.  I ran to Target while he partied which did not hurt my feelings! ha! 

Then we had to run home and get Hollis because she had a basketball game.  It's a weird season but I'm so glad she is getting to play and she LOVES it.  I'm hoping it is something she might stick with.  She likes it so much better than soccer.  I'm just happy she is trying something.  

Can you believe it's already February??? 


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