Monday, January 04, 2021

Enjoying a Break

We still have two days left in our Christmas break but it's been a good time to stay home and get things done.  I have barely taken any pictures in the last 2 weeks because we have been in our pj's every day and working on projects but I thought I would share a little of what we have been up to.  

We drove over to see my mom for about 2 hours almost 2 weeks ago.  I have HATED that because of Covid I couldn't be with her to help her or be at her surgery.  And we didn't go for Christmas because we wanted to be cautious and also we needed her to recover and rest.  Thank you for everyone who has asked about her.  She is doing AMAZING! She's still in some pain (of course) but she has done so well.  We were so grateful to see her! 

The girls share a room and a few years ago we got bunk beds to make the most of their space.  It has worked okay but honestly they have outgrown it.  We needed to make them a more tween friendly space.  

So for Christmas we gave them a room makeover.  This was the before.  

I'm still tweaking the after so I will post it all soon.  I've showed a quick glimpse on instastories.  

Their room was a beige color and the first thing we did was paint it white.  Of course once it went white - so did the trim and the doors.  

We painted it Sherwin Williams Pure White.  It made the room look bigger and so much more fresh.  

I got Opalhouse Peel and Stick wallpaper from target.  It's almost like contact paper.  The results are so great! I LOVE how it turned out.  But I also had to promise Scott I would never ask him to hang wallpaper again. ha! 

Harper had two days of sleep overs with her best friends.  These girls are the sweetest.  We have all basically been at home non stop so we feel safe with them around each other.  

I got a new planner.  I like a paper planner. I just can't do a google calendar.  I found this at maybe Office Depot when I was there looking for something else. But I found it on Amazon too.   I REALLY like the set up of this planner.  I'm hoping I will need it this year.  My planner last year didn't get a lot of action. ha! I carry this with me everywhere! 

My in-laws gave me an air fryer for my birthday.  Do you have one? I'm trying it out to see what does well.  I made bacon one morning and it did good.  I'm hoping to test vegetables and meat in it.  I know you can do fried food but we are cutting a lot of that so I'm hoping it will help me make healthy things.  I will have to report back soon on what I'm making in it! 

We go back to school and work on Wednesday and I'm glad to get back in a routine but the slow days have been nice too! 


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