Monday, December 28, 2020


We have had a nice Christmas! 

On the day before Christmas eve, the girls and I did a little last minute shopping downtown.  

How cute is this Christmas Book Tree in the new little second hand bookstore downtown? 

On Christmas Eve, We stayed home most of the day.  I picked up our Christmas dinner from the greatest BBQ place in Arkansas maybe in the south.  WE got a brisket and ribs and I made twice baked potatoes, green beans and rolls to go with it.  It was AMAZING! 

We went to an early Christmas eve service.  It was a great way for us to stop and remember why we celebrate.  I cried a few times during the service.  Then we went home and had tamales for dinner and then got everything ready for Santa and then read the Christmas Story in Luke before the kids went to bed and the Elves got busy.  

The kids woke us up SUPER EARLY for Christmas morning.  I really didn't think they would get up that early.  I had stayed up late watching Friday Night Lights (I'm bingeing it again). So I was barely awake when they opened gifts. ha! 

The kids had a great morning! 

Their big surprise was a TV for their room. We are re-doing the girls' room to more of a tween room.  They have to share so we at least are trying to make it more fun.  They were pretty excited! 

We had told the kids they could keep their iPads and text us or call us in the morning.  Well they started texting at 4:50.  Only we didn't hear it until they finally called us and I didn't know where I was or what day it was.  ha! 

We ate a big Christmas lunch and stayed in our pj's all day.  The kids got a nintendo switch so they pretty much played all day while I cleaned up from the after math.  I love Christmas but the clutter it makes in our house makes me NUTS! I'm ready to clean out and deep clean.  

We have enjoyed a lot of time together this year.  Last Christmas, Scott took off for like a week and a half and we were all together constantly and I remember thinking "Oh this is a LOT of time together".  Little did I know that we would spend most of the year together at home constantly.  I would have thought it would make us all crazy but it has brought us so much closer.  I think this is the best year of marriage Scott and I have ever had and we have loved all the extra time with the kids.  I joke about 2020 being terrible and in a lot of ways it has - it's been horrible for so many people. And for that I'm so sorry.   But I'm looking back grateful for the gift of time it gave me.  

I hope you had a good Christmas.  However it looked.  


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