Friday, January 08, 2021

Pre Teens and Skin Care

We didn't start back to school here until Wednesday.  So we tried to soak up the last couple of days of break on Monday and Tuesday.  Harper's two best friends came and spend the night Monday.  They had the BEST time together.  And then Tuesday they fixed their hair and a little bit of makeup and planned out outfits and we did a fun little photo shoot around downtown.  I had SO much fun with them.  They are such sweet girls and they loved taking pictures together.  

They wanted pictures they could put in frames or on the wallpaper of their ipads/phones.  We got some really fun ones.  We took a lot of pictures in masks too.  I wanted to see their pretty faces but I know they will want pictures that remind them of being in middle school in a pandemic.  

And they somehow told me they "needed" to take ice cream pictures. ha! 
I'm just so grateful for these sweet friends for Harper.  And I like their moms too so much which is a big blessing too.  I will foster this friendship and have them over any time because I know the importance of surrounding my kids with people who uplift them and help them make good decisions.  

Speaking of good decisions - I have FINALLY started trying out skin care products.  I know I know.  I'm 47.  I should have started this 20 years ago but I just never did.  But facing 50 has forced me to try things out.  I thought I would share what I have been using and what I think so far.  

I follow this instagram influencer Landyn and she is around my age and using Revision and swears by it and has great skin so at Christmas she had a special deal and I splurged for my birthday.  It's pricey but I DO think it's working.  

I got this Retinol.  Now the first few times I used this - my skin was burning red the next morning like I had my face waxed.  I only do this 1-2 times a week and I do think it's making a difference.  

I have been using the firming night treatment nearly every night.  

Before Christmas I found this on sale.  I have tiny eyes and they are puffy a lot.   So I was excited to try this out and I can tell a big difference.  I put this under my eyes every night.  

I read a lot of reviews on how this eye serum helps make your eyes look bigger.  I put it on every morning before I do makeup and I can tell a difference.  I 'm loving this stuff! 

Another thing I bought from totally being influenced by instagrammers was this ice roller.  It was only $14.  I try to use it in the morning and night if I have time and roll under my eyes and my whole face.  It helps de puff and slim your face.  I'm not 100% sure it works but it sure does feel good! ha! 

My friend Lindsey gave me the Ordinary Peel to try.  I could tell right away that it made my skin smoother.  But then I did it too soon again and my face went red.  So I would say for SURE try it but don't use it more than once a week.  And it's only $17.  In fact, I have heard so much about the Ordinary products. They are so much more reasonable than most skin care and seem to really work.  So I'm intrigued and plan to try a few more products.  Have you tried them and what is your favorite? 


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