Thursday, December 24, 2020

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Eve to all of you!!!! WE made it to Christmas! It may look different than last year but we made it! 

Tuesday was my 47th birthday! I had such a great day.  I have been out of town with our families probably the last 4 years so it was fun to have a day at home.  I got to have lunch with Laurie and Paige.  I rarely see any friends on my birthday because everyone is busy with Christmas so this was really special to me.  

My family took me out to dinner.  In the past, I always hoped for a date with Scott on my birthday but now we are at a point that I love having the kids with us.  They are just fun to be with.  

One of the restaurants in town put tables out in the alley next to it during Covid and strung lights and they have heaters and a wind blocker and it just looks so pretty and Gilmore Girl-is that I have wanted to eat out there ever since I noticed it.  

It was actually a nice night and it was perfect sitting out there.  And we were the only ones so it was like we had our own private alley. ha! 

It was really fun and the food was delicious! I highly recommend Tavola Trattoria if you are ever in Bentonville.  

I love these kids! 

Then we walked a block over to the square to look at Christmas lights.  Having a birthday the week of Christmas can be a bummer but it can also be so fun! I love that my birthday usually involves lights and fun! 

They had a new snow globe at the skating rink that has a picture of our town square.  It was really neat.  

Yesterday the girls and I did a little shopping downtown.  

A new used bookstore opened up downtown and it's so quaint and cute.  Bentonville has it's own "Shop around the corner" now.  

I wish I could send you all a Christmas card but this is mine to you! Thank you for reading and being so kind to me and my family! 

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve and Day! We are staying home and looking forward to having a special time with our five.  


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