Thursday, December 17, 2020

Lot of little things

First of all, my mom is doing AMAZING.  So many of you keep asking me.  She has such a great attitude.  She is feeling good and has a nurse who comes every day to help her.  But she's doing great.  And she found out yesterday that for sure there is no cancer in her lymph nodes so will just take a pill and not have treatments! Thank you for caring and praying! We are grateful.  

I took this picture Tuesday morning.  The sky was so pretty over the snow.  

One of my friends texted me Monday morning and said "I want to bring you dinner.  God told me to bless you today and I have already started making soup".  I hate accepting things so I was trying up NO but I told Scott in the mean time and he said "Do not take away her blessing of doing what God told her to".  I know he really just wanted my friend's good cooking but he was right.  So I reluctantly said ok.  And she just didn't bring soup but all the stuff to go with it plus a pie and cookies for the kids and flowers and a chicken spaghetti to eat later.  It was INCREDIBLE! It DID bless us so much even thought we really didn't need it.  

So couple #26 got engaged this week! How cute are they? I am fairly certain there will be another engagement soon.  Maybe two.  14 of these engagements have come in the last 2 years since I moved this to instagram.  I love seeing how God can use the weirdest thing to bring people together! 

How cool is this story - I got a text yesterday morning from a lady who has taught my kids swim lessons.  She bought this book (I didn't ask where but I guess a second hand store) for her grandchild.  And inside was this letter!!!!! We don't remember having this book or getting rid of it so I'm not even sure how this happened but what is the luck that someone who knew us found it? 

Our Elf Madeline was on a zip line yesterday.  She only has another week to hang around.  

I have been subbing every day this week.  It's a little crazy with everything else I have going on trying to balance but I love being in the schools and I love getting to see the kids and their friends.  I feel like I have learned a lot about kids their age.  I have also learned a lot about schools in general.  Mostly you just need to thank a teacher! They have hard jobs especially this year.  

I can't believe Christmas is in just one week!!! I'm done shopping but I need to wrap! I've been more ahead this year than usual so I'm thankful.  


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