Monday, December 14, 2020

Let it Snow

We had an eventful week last week.  

On Thursday, I got the call from Harper's principal that she had to quarantine from possible exposure.  Honestly I'm so grateful we made it all the way to the week before Christmas break before this happened.  And since it had already been almost a week when they called us and new rules in AR - she can go back to school tomorrow if she has no symptoms which she doesn't.  She was SO upset about having to quarantine.  It caught me off guard.  But one of her best friends brought her cookies.  Another dropped off some more treats and another texted her the sweetest text including a prayer she typed out for her.  

Will Holden had a good week because he got to wear PJ's to school.  

And make a gingerbread house.  Bless those kindergarten teachers for keeping this tradition alive! 

On Monday, my mom found out she had breast cancer.  She had a regular mammogram several weeks ago and she got a call back and had a biopsy last week.  It was all super fast.  On Friday morning she had a masectetomy.  I couldn't be there because she could only have one person with her (my dad) and she insisted on me not coming.  With Harper having to quarantine and because we didn't want to take ANY chances - I just couldn't be there.  I hated it.  But she did amazing.  She came home the next morning and is doing better than I could have expected! We are so grateful! It was a roller coaster of emotions.  

I had to cancel several things on Friday.  I was supposed to have meetings and work and I was also supposed to spend a day with one of my best friends who was in town.  I was trying to be cautious so I didn't go.  But she did end up driving by the house later so we could talk from the road.  

We laid low all weekend.  We have just stayed home and it's been nice.  I have cleaned the house, caught up on laundry, addressed Christmas cards, cleaned out my closet and just enjoyed my family.  

The highlight of the weekend was we got a huge snow today.  We haven't had a big snow in 6 years.  I thought it was 9 years but someone reminded me that we had one 6 years ago.  But I was 41 and pregnant and can't remember that. Which makes sense. ha! 

It snowed all day.  It was so happy and exciting! 

It was just the bit of joy we all needed in 2020.  

We played outside a ton.  Snowball fights and built a snowman.  Milli loved it the most.  She ran around like crazy for hours.  

Yes she looks 16 and I'm not ready for that. 

Can you find Milli in this picture? 

A snowman for this year.  

We are having a virtual day today.  I wish we could have an old-fashioned snow day but at least this way we don't add a day to our summer and the teachers are making it pretty simple.  Hopefully we can finish early and have some fun.  It's almost Christmas break! 


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