Thursday, December 10, 2020

A little Christmas Cheer

This year may not be the best year of all times (to put it mildly) but it's still the most wonderful time of the year so we are trying to celebrate it how we can with our family.  

These kids are growing so fast and we can't get the years back so I want to try and get as much magic in as we can! 

Last weekend we went out to eat and to see the lights downtown.  We haven't been to Doe's in sooooo long.  I was watching "Somebody feed phil" on netflix and he went to the original one in MS and it reminded me how much we used to love it.  

This salad doesn't look like much but it's hands down my favorite salad.  Simple and salty and so good! 

The steaks are huge.  We shared this.  

Then we strolled downtown.  The weather was so nice and our downtown is like something out of a Hallmark movie.  It really is.  The lights are so pretty and people play live music on different corners and there is a skating rink and food trucks selling hot chocolate.  I will never get over how great it is to live here.  

2020.  We wear masks everywhere.  But I don't want every picture from this year to be with masks on so I'm constantly saying "masks down" when we take a quick picture.  But at least half the time at least one kid still has one on.  

I just need to be able to remember their smiles.  

We stopped for hot chocolate before we went back home.  It was such a fun night! 

I'm also thankful that the reason we celebrate is still represented in our town.  We need Jesus here on earth now more than ever! 

Sunday we went to a Christmas service at church.  We got out super early so we decided to go eat brunch at Louise.  We have never done that on a Sunday.  

It was such a good choice.  Their food is so good! 

And it's one of my favorite places in town.  It's just a very fun restaurant.  

One of our favorite things at Christmas is to go to the Fayetteville square lights and then to Stewart family lights.  This year we invited some friends to go with us.  We normally go on a weekend but we wanted to avoid crowds so we went on a Tuesday instead.  We also decided to just skip the square.  As much as we love it - it's always so crowded and we didn't want to be around that many people.  

A family in Fayetteville who owns a lot of land puts on this enormous light display.  Millions of lights and tons of blow ups.  It's so fun and magical.  It was smaller than usual this year but I"m still so thankful that did it.  It's something I hope the kids remember doing.  

We picked a great night.  It was almost empty so we had a lot of room to walk around and enjoy the lights.  

There is something about christmas lights that just always make me feel happy.  

I'm so thankful for this little family of mine.  

And this year I'm also thankful for new friends right when we needed them.  Will Holden had so much fun with these boys.  He always has to endure being with nothing but girls so this was so fun for him. 

I know it's a hard time for everyone.  A lot of you aren't getting out at all and I'm hopeful you are staying safe! We can still find Christmas even in our own homes.  I've done all my Christmas shopping online which has been actually pretty great! I'm hopeful for the future and thankful for small blessings along the way! 


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