Monday, November 09, 2020

Coffee, Games & Friends

Here are a few snippets from my last week.  

I met Paige and Laurie on Wednesday to walk Coler Trail.  It's my favorite place in Bentonville.  And it just got better.  A new coffee shop opened up on the trail.  How cool is that? Now bikers and walkers can stop in for coffee.  And it's SO pretty.  They have tables and chairs on top and then over to the side under lights.  It's just magical! 

If you come to NWA - this is a must! 

The views are so pretty.  We stopped and visited and then kept on walking! 

I subbed three days last week plus did a lot of Tangible Truth stuff so it was nice to have a morning off to hang with my friends.  

After school, I took the kids to a new playground that just opened.  It's near a new trail around a lake but the trail wasn't open yet. 

The kids loved the playground.  It's really cool.  

Thursday night I took Harper to TWO junior high games.  They were played at our two high schools so we went to one and then drove across town to the other one.  We had so much fun! 

We went to the first game to see Sarah Kate cheer.  

Harper's friend Lillian's brother is the star of the 8th grade team for a different junior high so we went to watch.  Harper hadn't seen Lillian in months and they ran and practically tackled each other.  

Being at the game was so much fun.  I'm excited that Harper will be in junior high next year and we can spend our Thursday nights at games! 

Friday night Harper had her two best friends spend the night.  They haven't all been together since maybe March.  They had SO much fun.  They just giggled and talked.  They are such sweet girls and get along so well.  

This is such an answer to prayer! 

Saturday Will Holden went to a party for his best buddy.  Can you tel how happy he was? 

He had so much fun! 

We went to our friends' house for dinner on Saturday night.  Will Holden got a ride in the go cart through cow pastures.  He was living his best life! 

It was a great weekend.  We went to church yesterday and then I spent the rest of the day doing 3000 loads of laundry and grocery shopping and getting ready for the week.  


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