Thursday, November 05, 2020

Birthdays and New highlights

Milli had her first birthday on Election Day.  I can't believe we have almost had her for a year! She's such a sweet dog.  She's been the best gift to our house! 

After school, the girls and I took her on a little walk around the square.  We stopped for coffee for me.  

Milli loves to hang downtown! 

The girls got ice cream at Spark to celebrate her! ha! 

It was beautiful and we had fun walking around.  

I went to the dog bakery in town and got her some treats and toys.  We also got small little treats that we passed out to her neighbor dog friends on our street.  It was basically a 2020 drive by party.  

Yesterday I met Paige and Laurie to walk the Coler Trail.  This is my favorite trail and place in Bentonville.  It's just pretty and nice! They have working on this coffee shop on the trail for a while and it finally opened and it's SO cool! 

We stopped for coffee! They have seating out under lights in the woods and on the roof in covered tables! It's such a great hang out place! 

If you are in Bentonville - this is a must! 

And it was nice to visit with friends.  I have been working most days so I rarely get to have a day where I can walk and see friends! I left there and went to church to help my friend Marci work on Christmas store things.  Our church always puts on a Christmas store to help local families at the holidays.  

I picked up the kids and we went to check out a new playground that opened by one of our favorite restaurants Louise.  There is a new trail that goes around the lake there also but it wasn't open so I will have to wait to explore that.  

I love that there is always something fun and new to try and do in Bentonville! 


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