Friday, November 13, 2020

Catch Up

If you don't follow me on instagram - then here is some fun news! (If you do follow me - it's worth seeing again). ha! 

This is couple #24 to get engaged from my Singles Account.  Aren't they cute? 

And this is couple #25! 

Never could I have dreamed that twenty five couples would get married from me hosting this singles match up.  NEVER! But God is big and creative and can make anything happen! 

I've been sucking down the caffeine this week.  

Mainly because I've spent 3 days teaching kindergarten this week.  Including Will Holden's class.  Such sweet little faces but so tiring.  Especially when I go straight from school to the grocery store to cooking and laundry, etc.  I'm such a night owl and I've been going to bed at 8:30.  ha!  Which means I'm dropping the ball on other stuff.  But it is fun and will all work out! 

I also worked in a mammogram this week.  I was due for one back in March when the pandemic hit so I put it off and finally decided I better get one.  They are awkward and uncomfortable but so necessary.  I don't have my results yet but hopefully they will be good.  

I had such a fun experience Wednesday night.  The school I went to (OBU) normally does rush in January but because of Covid - they are doing it this week and virtually.  My social club asked me to get on zoom calls and speak to the rushees as an alumni.  It was SO 2020 but it was SOOO fun.  

I loved seeing all their faces.  They were so sweet and cute! It made me want to go back to college.  I will just be excited for my girls to go to college one day and I can live vicariously through them.  ha! 

My girls are helping me do a fun little "gift guide" for girls 8-12.  I've never done a gift guide before and I know it's real trendy among bloggers/influencers.  But I have had so many people asking for ideas and my girls were SOOO excited. They put together a long list for me so I'm hoping to have it for y'all by Monday! 

I hope you have a good weekend! I'm back in kindergarten this morning! 


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