Monday, November 02, 2020

Halloween was not cancelled!

2020 has been such a dumpster fire.  I always plan our Halloween costumes out months in advance.  The last few years - the kids plan it all out.  They start coming up with ideas and we work on costumes around summer.  I didn't know what Halloween would look like this year so I just put it off.  And then we went to CO and I just was tired.  But about 2 weeks ago - we decided Halloween was NOT cancelled and thanks to Amazon - we had a theme picked out and costumes ordered in about 30 minutes.  

We decided since we can't go to football games - we would BE the football experience.  Will Holden didn't want to be a football player - he wanted to be a hot dog. ha! Milli was going to be our football player but we didn't take her to the Ormons house.  This was our 10th year to do a family theme. I know the days are numbered but we sure have fun with it.  

We have been doing Halloween with the Ormons since our kids were babies.  Their neighborhood is big and gets real into Halloween so we have always gone to their house.  We eat pizza and then trick or treat.  This year Emily went to a friends' house.  I told Laurie and Steve in a few years - they would have an empty nest but we would still need to come over to take Will Holden out. ha! These two girls used to be toddlers and now they are almost teenagers.  

Hollis loved her popcorn costume and I did too.  

I think this actually was once of the best Halloweens we have had.  The weather was the very best it's been in maybe 7 years.  It's been freezing or rainy the last several years but it was just cool and nice.  Tons of houses in their neighborhood set out tables with bowls of candy or bowls on their porches.  We didn't have to see anyone but they still got to go house to house and get candy.  It honestly didn't feel all that different.  

Some houses even got creative and put Easter eggs filled with candy on their front lawn.  I love the way that people have rallied around 2020 and just have made best of a hard year.  From drive by parades and parties to the candy chutes people made for Halloween - we have found ways to make lemonade out of lemons and I love it! 

Hollis, my type A child, organized her candy.  They clearly got PLENTY! 

I always have fun with Laurie! 

Scott's parents were here this weekend too and got to join in our Halloween fun.  They went to church with us yesterday morning.  Yes - Harper is now almost as tall as my MIL.  And Me.  I think she has had a sudden growth spurt.  

Yesterday was our 17th anniversary.  I'm more grateful that ever for this guy.  Scott's parents kept the kids and we went on a date last night.  We haven't been alone together in several months so it was nice.  

And now it's NOVEMBER! 


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