Tuesday, August 25, 2020

First Day of School

Yesterday was our first day back to school after 23 weeks at home.  It was a very different first day and we all had things we were nervous about but it felt SO good and SO normal to be back at school.  

We are back in person.  And the girls were very excited to be back with PEOPLE! We got everything ready the night before - lunches packed, clothes laid out, masks washed and ready, water bottles fixed, etc.  It made our morning smooth and everyone was not as cranky as I expected.  They went to bed last night early without too many complaints also.  

 Hollis' class only has 20 kids.  They are staying together as a class at recess and playing in zones.  They are eating in the cafeteria but with their class mates and they have to sit by the same kids all year.  They kept their masks on all day but were able to take them off at recess.  Hollis didn't complain and seemed to have a really good day. 

Harper has a schedule this year where she changes classes and is with different kids every period.  She said they kept masks on all day with no breaks but wasn't too upset about it.  She had to sit with her last class before lunch and she didn't really know anyone and they had to sit spaced apart so basically she had to eat alone.  She wasn't too upset about that either.  She seemed to have a good day.  I'm so thankful! 

I feel very hopeful and I know it's not like anyone is used to but I'm hoping we can all push through and in a few months it can look different.  

From Kindergarten to sixth grade.  She has changed so much but she's so delightful.  

And this one has come out of her shell from her first day of kindergarten to her first day of the last year of elementary school.  

Praying for all of you - no matter what school looks like at your house.  We can do this! 


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