Monday, August 31, 2020

Boys and Puppies

On Thursday, my last baby started kindergarten.  It looked a little different than most years.  We weren't allowed to walk the kids into their class. I was so upset when I first found that out. I couldn't imagine just dropping him off at the door on his first day (and I had the best of circumstances - he has been to the school a zillion times and has a big sister to walk him to class).  I REALLY felt for all the first time kindergarten moms.  

But our school district made the best of things.  We were able to have an in person meet the teacher.  They scheduled us and we went just a few at a time and we got all of our "first day" pictures then.  Then last week after the other kids were already in school, they did a "soft opening practice day" for kindergarteners.  We dropped them off in carline at a scheduled time and they took them to their class for about 20 minutes and then brought them back out.  This gave the kids confidence about going to class and helped the parents too.  

Honestly, I think walking him to class and then having to leave him there probably would have made me cry but because he just hopped out of the car and walked with his sisters - I didn't cry.  He was just SO excited and so proud to go to his "sister's school" which he said all summer "THIS IS MY SCHOOL NOW".  

He also kept telling me how he was going to make so many friends! And I knew he would! 

How sweet is this? They are so good to their brother.  He's so lucky to have them.  

All this first days of school.  Can you spot a theme? ha! 

He has the SWEETEST teacher.  I had forgot how she is so good about sending reports and tons of pictures.  It helps this momma SO MUCH to get his picture! I mean how cute is he? 

He just went two days last week but he LOVED it.  He was so sad on Saturday because he wanted to go to school.  He wore the mask and has handled it better than I could have imagined.  

Meanwhile - I've developed an eye infection from bad contact habits and I've been in glasses since Wednesday.  I have to put sunglasses over them because the light hurts me.  I haven't blogged or done a lot of social media lately because my eye hurts too bad to do much.  It looks like I"m calling's the doctors today.  

I put out on instagram that y'all could ask me questions for me to answer on the blog this week.  I've grouped the questions and I'm going to do several posts this week.  

Several of them were about Milli.  She is a cavapoo.  It's a GREAT breed.  We had a bichon previously and I loved it.  I like dogs that don't shed and Harper has some allergies so that narrows down breeds for us.  I LOVE golden doodles but I didn't want anything THAT big.  So I saw the Cavapoo and thought they were so cute.  Milli is a little bigger than I imagined her being but I think she is a great size.  She's about 22 lbs and I think she is full grown.  She's 11 months this week.  We got her from Kingdom Dogs in Carthage Mo and they were a great breeder to work with.  

A lot of you asked about training.  I'm no expert but I can just tell you what we did.  I know everyone says to kennel train and I even planned to with her but in the end I just couldn't do it.  I'm just not a fan of keeping a dog in a kennel.  My #1 recommendation is a doggie door.  That has been key for us.  The Covid quarantine back in early March really helped honestly.  We were still struggling with potty training when it happened and then having us all home 24/7 - it just REALLY clicked.  That's not realistic but I do think consistency is key.  Take them outside hourly if possible.  We got one of those big toddler fences and put it around the doggie door for the first few months and tried to keep her in there if we had to leave and even when we were home.  Say the same word - whether it's "potty" or "outside" so they understand every time you go outside and we gave a lot of treats and praise.  Milli also sleeps with us (I needed sleep which is another reason I couldn't do the kennel).  And she is a great sleeper.  She goes to bed when I do and will sleep all night until 8 in the morning and always has.  Occasionally she goes outside in the night but usually only if I get up.  She's just an easy, sweet dog and we love her so much.  It was HARD in the beginning.  Puppies are TOUGH.  I was ready to give her back the first 2-3 months but push through and it gets easier and so worth it.  She is so loving and cuddly and I can't imagine not having her.  

That's my pitch on "get a puppy"! Just do it! 


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