Monday, August 10, 2020

Bikes and Dogs

Happy Monday! 

I hope your week is off to a good start! 

I thought I would share just a few moments from the last week. 

Harper got her new ear molds (after Milli ate her other ones).  One of the fun things for her has always been picking the colors of the ear molds.  She picked gold sparkly with stars this time and I love them! Perfect for middle school! 

I got the cutest bracelets from this little shop

And the girls got these bracelets and love them! You can get 20% off with KELLY20! 

I've been reading this book by Sissy Goff and it's SOOO good! She actually wrote it 10 years ago but updated it with technology issues of today and it's a must read! 

I have loved our family bike rides this summer.  Our town is FULL of trails and tunnels and gorgeous places to ride.  We took a new way we haven't done the other night and then we went on a new trail.  We didn't do the mountain biking portion.  

It was a beautiful night for a ride.  

The deer were out all around one of the junior highs.  It was so sweet to see them.  

The only person who doesn't love our bike rides is Milli because she has to stay home.  She always stays in the window watching for us.  

Can you believe how much she has grown in just 7 months? She's a lot lighter and so much bigger.  I miss that little puppy but she's a LOT easier these days.  

The girls and I hit up Remedy Road downtown yesterday after church.  They have so many cute things and all of their products help someone or something.  They all have a mission and I love that.  

We have a fun two weeks coming up and then we start school on the 24th.  My kids are going to face to face school.  I will talk more about that tomorrow.  Stay tuned.  

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