Friday, August 07, 2020

Summer Fun

It's Friday! I thought I would share the highlights from our week! 

First of all - Couple #22 from my Singles Day got engaged! They met on Singles day 2019.  Melissa is a widow and Mike found her post and flew to meet her and they dated long distance and now they are engaged! I'm thrilled for them to have found this second chance! Twenty-two couples! Isn't that crazy/fun?

I have been reporting on instagram that there is a can shortage and you can't find diet coke anymore.  I know how first world problem this is but this is just not the time for this to happen.  We are in a pandemic and have been home with our families for 5 straight months.  We need diet coke.  Teachers are going to need diet coke. ha ha! I woke up Tuesday to tons of texts and messages that our local Sam's was stocked up so I went as soon as I could.  There was a 5 case limit.  I love my neighbors so I only took 2.  

We had crazy beautiful weather for August in the south earlier this week.  I woke up Tuesday and it was 58 outside! That's unheard of.  So I got the kids out for a walk/hike Tuesday afternoon.  We went on a trail we haven't been on.  I've lived in my small town for 25 years and I'm still discovering new things! 

And then we got snow cones because Summer! 

I love spending time with these girls.  I have to admit - I knew it was going to be a long summer since it started in basically March and we had no camps, vacations, etc scheduled and then they added an extra two weeks to it.  And it has been a great summer and has flown by.  So crazy, but I"m honestly sad that we only have two weeks left.  Even though it's been a lot of time together at home, I'm going to miss the slow mornings.  Even Will Holden slept until 9 today.  We stay up late.  My anxiety has practically gone away.  I almost hate to end.  (Although I have an idea I will get more of this over the next few months)

Wednesday I took the kids swimming.  It was almost too cool to swim which was nuts.  That night after dinner, we drove about 10 min away to a park that is open and was empty.  It was perfect.  There is a big playground and a trail that I walked with Milly and the others played basketball.  We had the best time and stayed until it got dark.  It was just a sweet, simple night.  

Yesterday morning I took the kids to do a few things.  A local coffee shop has these fun high booths.  The kids thought it was SO fun.  

We went to Target and they were completely out of planners.  I wonder if that's just a sign of 2020.  We can't plan so who needs planners? ha! 

We went downtown and ate lunch at the pizza truck.  It's so good.  We had a picnic in the shade and then we walked around downtown.  

We are just trying to have fun before school starts.  I love these girls.  

I hope y'all have the best weekend! 

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