Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Praying for Schools


If you have kids - you KNOW this is a hot topic these days.  On any kind of social media or among friends - this has been the big discussion for the last few weeks.  What are YOU going to do? And all the feelings that go with it.  And for the teachers even more so......

In our town we had the choice to do virtual or face to face.  My kids are going to school.  For a multitude of reasons.   Mainly - they all WANT to go.  I talked to them each and told them about the masks and the distancing and how different it would be and they still really want to go.  They also just learn better in person.  We learned that quickly in the spring.  Also I just have a peace about it.  And I'm even planning to sub at least for a few months.  My plan has always been to go back to work a little more full time once WH started kindergarten but with school so up in the air I'm continuing to work for the non profit ministry that I work for and I'm going to try to sub in the kids' schools some.  

I know it's scary.  And we all are nervous about choices we have made.  Homeschool, virtual, in person schools.  And we need to keep in mind that none of these are "RIGHT".  They might be right for your family but that doesn't mean that other families are making the wrong decision. 

What we DO need to do is pray for kids  and pray for teachers especially.  This is going to be a tough year.  I also think it's in the attitudes.  I'm getting the kids to wear masks as much as possible to get used to it.  And you know what? They do great. They aren't upset with it.  Kids are SO resilient .  Will Holden wears it and doesn't complain.  I'm trying to find him cool masks he is excited to wear.  I talk about it in a positive way and how great it will be to be in school and all the friends they will get to see. I think if we parents remain positive to them - they will be fine! 

I always have prayer walked our school the week before.  I just walk around the school and pray.  And our family usually goes and stands in the parking lot the night before and pray as a family over the school.  Not only do the schools NEED our prayers but it gives me such peace to do it.  And when we can't have control over pretty much anything these days - praying feels like an action I can take.  

I posted this on facebook this week to challenge all my local friends to pray this Friday.  We don't start until the 24th but I'm going to be praying and prayer walking a lot until then.  You might want to put out a similar challenge to your community! 

And  a friend sent me this list and it's a great list of things to pray.  Let's all commit to pray for our schools (or our homes) - whether you have kids or not.  

2020 has been a year for the history books and we still have a few months left.  We can do this! 

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