Monday, July 27, 2020

Life in Covid

We have four more weeks of summer (or more - I keep thinking it's likely we will have more). It's the summer that started in March and just feels like it will never end.  It's SO HOT right now.  But we are trying to make the most of our days.  

This little guy - all he wants to do is play outside with the neighbor kids.  It's a million degrees outside.  I sit out with him and bake as many hours as I can stand.  I know he needs to play and be social and be boy so I"m trying but the last thing I want to do most days is sit in our hot driveway -even in the shade.  

Our favorite teacher at school moved a few hours away.  She came back to sign papers and clean our her stuff at school and she came by to visit us.  The kids were SO HAPPY to see her.  Her son was with her.  He is Harper's age and they were in the same class for a few years. We are going to miss them but I'm so glad they came for a visit! 

Milli got a hold of Harper's hearing aids this week.  It was Harper's mistake to take them off and leave them where she could get them and hopefully she won't do that again.  We are so grateful she only ate the ear molds and not the actual aids that cost thousands of dollars out of pocket! And I keep old hearing aid molds so we are making due until we can get some new ones.  I'm waiting to hear back from her audiologist.  Scott's wedding ring came up missing a few weeks ago.  We aren't sure if WH hid it or Milli ate it.  But we are also glad it was Scott's cheap ring and not mine! ha! 

Saturday night we went over to eat dinner with the Ormon.  Laurie cooked the best meal and we had so much fun visiting! 

They turned down their air from us (they keep their house so hot) so Laurie had her robe on.  She and I did some Q&A on my instastories.  I'm saving it as a highlight so y'all can enjoy! Laurie is such a fun person - everyone always loves her on my stories! Now y'all know why we have been best friends for almost 30 years.  

The kids had a good time together.  WH wouldn't get in a picture but we love these girls! 

I just can't believe how quickly they have grown from babies and toddlers to teens and pre teens.  

We haven't been to church in five months.  It's been SO weird.  Our church has been meeting for a while but we just haven't gone back but we decided we would today.  First of all, it took us forever to get ready and out of the house.  We aren't used to going anywhere all at once and my kids do NOT like having to wear something other than t-shirts.  It was weird to go and wear masks and sit separated but it felt so good to be in church.  I cried all during worship because I have missed that more than I knew.  I'm just so mad at Covid for all it's taken from us and I keep grieving my old life.  I know we all are.  I know God is still good and we will see good come from this but it's hard.  

 We ate lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant afterwards.  We used to eat there nearly every Sunday after church but we haven't been there in five months either.  Most of the tables were cleared out and they had masks and gloves on but for one day - things felt as normal as possible.  

I also remember thinking back in March that surely by August life would be back to normal.  And it's possibly even worse now.  That's frustrating and hard not knowing when things will end and not being able to plan or think ahead. But we will just take it day by day and pray for God to help us.  

I hope you are having a good Monday! 

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