Thursday, July 23, 2020

A few things

We have a new video up for our Bible Study series.  We talked about worry and anxiety which I know most kids are dealing with right now.  We hope it will be an encouragement.  Next week will be our last installment for now.  

I talked about this on Instagram stories but I know "school" is just a hard subject right now.  We are all worried about how this year will look - whether we are homeschooling, virtual schooling or sending kids to school.  Or teachers or school staff.  It's just impossible and hard and I hate it all. There is a great program for kids 2nd - 5th grade to help with math.  You sign up and then your kid will get a math kit with all kinds of things in it and then you sign up according to grade level for a one hour virtual class per week with certified teachers.  They will do a zoom like class with a couple of other kids and the teacher and it's fun math that kids will enjoy.  Harper is starting next week and Hollis is going to follow.   And you for the rest of this month - you can sign up and use code KELLYSTAMPS1 and try it for $1 (ONE AMERICAN DOLLAR) for a month! It will go up after that first month but you can cancel at any time or you might find it valuable to supplement their learning.  You can't beat a month of math tutoring for $!!! Try it here

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