Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Dogs, Masks and Math

Happy Wednesday! I thought I would share just a few random things from this week with you! 

A new round of Faster Way is starting next week if you are ready to sign up and try it out! You can sign up today and go ahead and get the app and the workouts and the meal plans and get an early jump start! You will also get a $10 gift card from Target for signing up so you can get a water bottle for all that water you will be drinking! 

I found these cute smile masks and I'm ordering them for teacher gifts for the beginning of the year.  I'm hoping teachers and friends will wear these to help Harper.  These are just $16 for 4 masks! 

Harper had her first revolution math class this week.  She was in a zoom with a teacher and 2 other kids.  They do a whole fun story and game that they work math in to.  She was doing ratios and fractions.  And the teacher emailed me a personalized report a day or two later.  It gave Harper something to do as well as work on her math skills.  If you want to try this out - you have 2 more days to get a month for $1! You can cancel it after the first month (or keep it if you love it) but your kid gets a one hour online math class once a week for the next month which is very helpful in getting their math skills sharpened before school starts! Just use this link and put KELLYSTAMPS1 to get the $1 deal!!! They are changing it after this month so the best deal you can get is $19 a month so try it while it's practically free! 

This little guy and his farmer tan keeps me on my toes.  He's always wanting to "do something fun".  

I took Harper yesterday to children's hospital to get new ear molds since Milli ate hers. ha! She picked out gold glitter which will be so pretty! Hopefully they show up before school starts! 

This was Milli as a puppy.  She's the top right.  Yesterday we met her brother (bottom middle).  The family who adopted him lives here and we connected on Instagram.  We have been wanting to get them together but we were waiting for them to have all their shots and then Corona happened.  But yesterday we met at the dog park and let them meet and play.  

Look at their happy faces! They seemed to know! Milli is more curly and has way longer legs.  She's more poodle we think.  But they were so happy and cute.  It was a lot of fun! 

We are having rain and cooler weather and that's a nice break! 

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