Monday, July 20, 2020

Last Week

We had a good week last week.  We met my parents Sunday afternoon and they took the kids home for the week.  The kids were SO excited to be somewhere different for a week and my parents had fun with them.  And Scott and I got a lot of work done in our quiet house.  It was too quiet.  ha! 

Our favorite librarian is moving towns and we are SO sad. My kids ADORE her and so do I.  The staff had a good bye party outside last week.  It was 105 but one of the teachers invited me so I got to run by and say goodbye.  Hopefully it was just see you later.  

My parents took the kids to the Bass Pro Shop wildlife museum/aquarium/zoo.  They had the best time.  

They also stopped by the Thorncrown chapel in Eureka Springs on the way here when they brought them back.  It's SO pretty! 

I had a zoom conference call for the non profit I work for on Friday morning.  I'm not a fan of zoom but it's a necessary evil right now.  

The kids came back Friday and Milli was so happy to have all her people back.  Her hair is growing out fluffy again.  She's obsessed with this ball.  I probably throw it for her 400 times a day.  

Saturday afternoon we had the bright idea to hike around Tanyard creek.  It was a billion degrees.  And there were more people than we were comfortable with but we were able to steer clear of them thankfully.  

We did find an empty creek and it was a nice break.  

Love these girls! 

Yesterday morning we had church online and then later in the afternoon we headed to Trash Ice Cream. It was their one year anniversary and they had fun $1 birthday cups! It was also National Ice cream day so it was hard to miss out on that.  

Not bad for $1! 

The other fun thing for the week was that couple #21 from Kelly's Singles got engaged! 

The best part about this couple is that Hannah's sister Ashley met her husband on Kelly's Singles also! And now they have a sweet baby girl! Can you believe both sisters met their husbands the same way? I love it! 

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