Monday, July 13, 2020

Friends and Okra

My poor little buddy has been DESPERATE for some friend interaction.  He thrives on being with people.  So one of his friends got to come play last week and he hasn't been that happy in weeks/months.  They had the best time playing and it was an unusually cool day so they spent hours playing outside.  

I've let Will Holden dress himself most of the summer.  This is how he normally looks.  He says "Green and green - they match".  ha! We aren't going anywhere so I"m good with it.  This is also the summer he decided he no longer wants to wear shirts so it's rare he has both shirt and shorts on.  And he NEVER wears shoes.  Boys - they are just the best! 

Can you see Milli's eyelashes? She has CRAZY long eyelashes.  They look like she got extensions.  It's hard to see in a picture but we can never get over them.  

I'm so THRILLED because the TWENTIETH couple who met on my Singles Account is engaged! This is so sweet because she is a widow with three young kids and I"m so happy she has found a second chance at love! 

Saturday morning we decided to ride our bikes downtown and eat brunch.  It's about 4 miles each way.  It was SOOOO hot but we enjoyed our ride and outing.  We all needed cold showers when we made it home.  

I picked my first okra this morning from my garden.  I'm such a proud momma! ha! I think more than anything I need something good.  Something life giving.  Even if it's okra and tomatoes.  

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