Monday, August 03, 2020


Well we have made it to August.  Back in March, I remember thinking "everything will all be better by August".  Well I was not correct.  But we have made it anyway.  And now I don't even try to guess when "it will all be better".  

In the meantime............

My friend Paige and I met for a walk with our boys one day last week.  They are both going in kindergarten and are all boy.  (as WH's shirt says) (and I got his shirt from a friend so I don't know where it's from).  They played in the creek for 3 hours and caught fish and crawdads.  It was so sweet.  

We packed them lunch and they had so much fun.  And then as we started to leave it poured on us and we got drenched but it was still so fun! 

Will Holden also had a drive by birthday party for another friend.  They had the cutest ice cream truck there.  

I had fun with my boy last week and I had some special time with my girls this past weekend.  We got away for a night at a friend's condo.  It was nice to have a little girl time! 

I'm so proud of these girls and praying for them (and ME) as they grow that God will help me guide them as they grow.  It's not easy being a mom.  

My new friend Paige had us over for dinner with her family last night.  We had so much fun with them! It's just nice to make new friends.  It's hard as an adult to make friends.  I've had seasons with a lot of friends and seasons that it's harder.  During a pandemic - friendship has for sure been a challenge.  But it's also been a gift. 

We have three more weeks until school starts.  We have no plans and I'm trying to enjoy the last of our late mornings and late nights and free days.  But we are also ALL looking forward to school starting.  As much as there is nervousness about what this year will look like and be like - we have peace and anticipation for the year to come.  

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