Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Change of Scenery

My kids are getting a change of scenery this week and they are SOOOOOOOO happy.  They are in the country with their grandparents and they are having the time of their lives.  

Will Holden is in heaven playing with all of his dad's old toys.  

And they have been fishing which they all love.  WH caught his first fish.  

They went to the deer camp to spend the night and had a cookout and mades S'mores.  It's the VERY best of childhood memories.  

Meanwhile - we have been getting so much work done.  It's amazing what you can do when it's quiet and no distractions.  We spent all day Sunday painting our fence. We have worked in the yard.  I have caught up on so much work.  And we snuck in a date last night with the Ormons whose kids are also gone this week.  We didn't plan it that way but all the stars aligned and it was so fun to hang out just the four of us.  

But isn't it crazy that after 15 weeks with the kids 24/7 and how much I longed to have just have a little alone time - now that they are gone - I miss them SO much.  I don't love the quiet as much as I think I would.  I miss the crazy loud that is usually our house and I"m ready for it to be back! 

Our next week of Behind the Mask Bible Study is live.  It's a short one this week but we will all be back with you next week and can't wait! 

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