Friday, June 26, 2020

Fourth Fashion Friday

I'm struggling a little on blogging these days.  I still love having a blog but since most days are like groundhog day around here - I get up, I drink coffee, I water my plants, cook breakfast, clean, do laundry, work, fix lunch, hang with kids, work, cook supper, clean up, do more work, clean more, play outside with kids ..........and repeat day after day. So there is not always much to share.  And the rare occasion I do see a friend or we get out - even if I know that we wore masks and kept a distance and were safe - it's still tough to share because people jump to conclusions and without the whole picture they don't always know what is happening. And personally I don't want every picture I take right now covered in masks.  So maybe we slip them off and get close for 30 seconds for a picture - that's not a representation always of what is actually occurring.  This is just a tough time.  One we have never lived through.  We need to do the right thing and wear masks and stay home but we also need to give each other grace.  This is a long haul.  And everyone can't always bunker down for 18 months.  That's not realistic.  I just think life and the world are HARD right now - and everyone being critical of each other is not helpful at all.  

Okay - sorry - I just had to get that out there.  

One of my favorite holidays is coming up next week.  I have always loved the 4th.  I love summer.  I love red, white and blue.  I love cookouts. I love fireworks.  We always have the best time! And it's just my favorite memories.  

So since we have a whole week - I thought I would share a few cute red, white and blue clothes I have seen lately in case you are still looking.  These are just good summer staples and in to early fall! And maybe in to football season if we have one depending on what your team colors are.  ha! 

I love this top and really this whole outfit from Loft.  

I'm sort of obsessed with eyelet lace right now and I'm loving this top.  It would great for Ole Miss, Georgia and Arkansas fans too.  And maybe Ohio State.  

I love the neckline on this top and it's just a great white staple! And the price is right! 

Another cute top from Walmart.  I love the ruffle detail. 

I love this dress from Target.  It also comes in white.  It would be great for a beach trip too! 

I have this shirt and I LOVE it.  It also comes in white.  It would cute if you don't live where it's 500 degrees.  And it's great for early fall too! 

I love this target top! It's so cute and breezy! It would be great for watching the fireworks! 

Brittany Young (certified celebrator) had this on and it was ADORABLE.  It's on sale right now.  I'm not sure I would look cute in it but if I could pull it off - I would! 

Can you believe it's almost JULY???? 

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