Friday, July 03, 2020

It's Friday!

Happy Friday! 

This is how we all feel about now! Milli has been living her best life as an only child this week.  The kids come home today!!! And I CAN'T WAIT!!! I've enjoyed the quiet and how productive I have been but I miss the crazy! Scott's parents are staying to celebrate the 4th and his dad's 75th birthday with us this weekend.  They will bring their dog so the circus is about to start here. ha! Milli won't know what to think! 

Meanwhile I have been cleaning and getting work done.  Yesterday I power washed our patio and the rugs from the kids rooms.  It's so satisfying to power wash.  ha! I'm trying to think of other things I can power wash now! 

My tiny garden is growing so well! I have okra and tomatoes almost ready!And so much basil.  I'm going to make pesto and have a caprese salad! 


I’ve STRUGGLED with losing weight since I turned 40 (and had my last baby at 41). (I’m 46 now). STRUGGLE BUS. I tried whole 30, keto, weight watchers, a private program clinic at my town where I paid $$$$ for tons of supplements) and nothing worked. So last summer I did faster way. I lost 15 lbs in those first 6 weeks. And I just felt better. I lost a lot of bloat. I’ve been doing VIP ever since. For me it’s just a life plan and doable. It seems hard at first and then becomes second nature. I don’t love working out so I’m not great at the workouts (I walk a lot instead but i know results would be better if I did the workouts). I like the community and the encouragement and the app is easy to use. 
Since the pandemic started, I have put weight back on because I went through a depression/anxiety/boredom eating phase where I had the mindset of “I’m stuck here - I am going to just eat whatever”. But I’m OVER THAT and trying to get back on the program because I know if I do it - it will work. And like anything - you will get out of it what you put in to it. If you really stick to the macros and IF and water drinking and workouts - you WILL SEE results. I’m doing it with you starting next week and getting my life back in gear! It’s the one thing I have control over right now!!! 

This was me last summer before I started and now. It’s not a huge change but those 15 lbs or so and my overall insides just feel the change! I can see the difference which is what counts.  If you are interested - you can read more/ or sign up here:

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