Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Simple Summer Fun!

We had a pretty quiet weekend and it was nice.  

Milli got a summer hair cut.  It was actually her first hair cut.  She got all her shots and I was ready to get her groomed right when the pandemic started and groomers shut down.  So I finally got her in.  She had so much hair and so I told them just to shave her down.  She doesn't look like a cute teddy bear anymore but she probably feels so much better in this awful heat.  And it will grow back.  She doesn't look like the same dog.  

Saturday was Project day.  Scott and I went super early to Lowe's and got a ton of stuff (before the crowds showed up).  He had a lot of outdoor projects to work on.  I tackled our tile floors.  I thought it would take me maybe an hour.  It ended up taking me nearly 8 hours.  Scott had bought these attachments that go on a drill.  He has used them before to scrub our showers and bathroom floors.  We have a lot of white tile in our kitchen and family room.  It was HARD work but worth it.  You can use lots of different things to clean it with.  Bleach and powdered Tide works really good.  I used a combo of a cleaner I had, bleach and comet or bar keeper's friend.  It cleaned the floor and tile so well but Sunday I had to go back over with a regular mop because it left a light film.  

It's just $10 for the brushes if you want to try it out! 

Steve Ormon texted to say he was driving down to Fayetteville to get Wright's BBQ if we wanted to order some and have him pick it up.  I have heard it's the best so we decided to try it.  It was SOOOO good.  Maybe the best BBQ we have ever had.  They are coming to Bentonville soon and I'm pumped! 

Sunday afternoon I went to Target for the first time in 3 months.  You know I live in Walmart land and that is really our only grocery store option (and our Walmarts are the Taj Mahal of all walmarts).  So that's the only store I have been to since March.  But I needed to go to Target.  And I went alone.  It felt like my birthday.  I strolled around and looked at things.  Only it was pretty wiped out.  There were a lot of empty shelves.  But it still felt good.  Even in a mask and with signs telling you the way you could walk.  

Sarah Kate had a birthday Sunday night and had a few friends.  Harper has spent all 12 of her birthdays with her.  

While she was gone, the rest of us went on an 8 mile bike ride.  It's nice to ride at night when it's not quite as hot.  I also love in the summer that we are out riding bikes at 8:30 where in the winter it's been dark for hours and we are in bed. ha! 

Yesterday one of my sweet friends brought over this HUGE summer basket for the kids.  It was full of lots of fun things like bubbles and crafts and chalk.  It was like Christmas morning all day.  The kids played with everything and had so much fun.  That was so thoughtful and kind.  It inspired me to do more random acts of kindness for others.  

She included water balloons so we filled them up last night and had a water balloon fight.  The filling them up lasted a lot longer than the fight but it was fun.  

Just look at Will Holden's face! 

I hope your summer is this fun so far! 

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