Friday, June 19, 2020

Friends and Fashion

It's not been an exciting week around here but it's been a good one.  I thought I would share some highlights and a few new favorite shirts I've gotten that I'm loving! 

A sweet follower sent me this picture of her girls watching our Bible study online.  Thank you for all your kind words.  We are praying it's an encouragement and a way to get your kids to read the Bible.  Kids love watching youtube so at least this is something besides  craft videos. ha! 

If you still want to watch week one - it's here:

Poor Milli.  She sure doesn't look like a teddy bear anymore.  But I know she must feel better and she stays so much cleaner.  

Harper is doing a Bible Study at church on Wednesdays.  We take one of her best friends each week.  I picked them up and treated them to macarons this week which they both love.  

Yesterday day we had one of her other best friends over to hang out.  These girls have been close friends since the 2nd grade.  They are so sweet.  They face timed most of the day before she even came over.  They planned their outfits so they could dress alike.  Don't you remember how much you loved dressing like your besties in middle school? They locked themselves in the bathroom and did each others makeup and hair for two hours.  I was actually impressed.  They are way better at makeup for two eleven year olds than I am.  ha! 

I got this shirt from Jcrew on sale after seeing Brittany Young (the Certified Celebrator) wearing it and it's one of my new favorites.  It's so cute and I LOVE the color!! 

I don't have this shirt but I may have to get it.  I'm loving red right now.  

We actually have a few fun things planned for our weekend so for once I'm looking forward to it! I hope you have a good weekend too! 

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