Monday, June 15, 2020

Behind the Mask

One of the things that I'm asked a lot in my DM's is "Do you have a suggestion for a Bible Study or devotion for girls 8-12?".  I have a few that I love that I usually share.  If you are looking for one - I suggest anything by Winter Pitts.  

Treasured Girlz is a great study for moms and girls to do together! 

This is a great study by Annie Downs to do! 

I've also been sad this summer because we aren't in church right now because of Covid.  Our church camps and Bible Schools were cancelled.  The things that I think always draw my kids closer to Jesus aren't happening.  We talk about Jesus every day and I'm praying their spiritual foundation comes from us but I also want creative ways for them to learn more about Him.

So I had an idea and I talked to Harper about it and she was super excited.   What if we did a virtual Bible Study that we could share with you and your daughters? Something that Harper could really lead on the discussion and maybe your kids would like to watch? And Hollis might even join us.  ha! 

So I"m excited to share that we are going to do a 6-8 week study on YouTube! We will post a new video each Wednesday morning for you and your girls to watch (and boys are welcome too).  We are going to be going through Matthew 5-7 a little at a time and discuss what it means and how we can apply it and live it out.  We hope it will be encouraging and we will be learning along with you.  We will have questions that you can answer in the comments and maybe we can find other ways to interact as well! 

Since the kids are having to wears masks out - we played on that and Harper made us a graphic.  We want to focus on letting our lights shine from the inside in our world - whether we are covered by a physical mask or a personal mask - to represent Jesus in all that we do! 

I hope you will join us! Subscribe to our channel and we will see you Wednesday morning! 

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