Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Socially distanced wedding fun

We had a good weekend but for the majority of it I didn't take any pictures.  I've been taking less pictures lately it seems.  Too busy just living life.  

Friday morning the kids and I went to a big creek about 20 minutes away and took a picnic lunch and stayed most of the day.  We had the best time.  Then we came home and cooked dinner and hung out with Scott. 

Saturday morning Scott and I made an early trip to Lowe's for some more home stuff and then I made breakfast tacos.  We spent most of the day Saturday just working - Scott outside and me inside and the kids just hanging.  

Saturday night, the girls and I went to a wedding.  

It was outside and a beautiful spot.  We practiced social distancing and they even had masks and sanitizer when you got there.  

The girls loved going to a wedding. They were living their best lives.  

They are so grown up with their purses. ha! 

Their favorite part was the S'mores pit.  The bride is a teacher so there were a lot of kids there and she had some sweet details just for them.  

We were able to sit at a table with just us.  The bride had them bags with their names on them with a wedding themed book to work on with word searches and games.  It was perfect! 

Love my girls! 

This is a couple who met on Singles Day last year.  It was so fun to go to the wedding! I've had 19 couples get engaged/married but I've only been able to make it to two of the weddings! But I'm so honored that they all invite me! 

Sunday was Father's Day and I didn't take one picture.  We spent time with Scott.  We watched church online and face timed both sets of grandparents.  I got our favorite take out for dinner and then we went on a long family bike ride.  Which seems to be our favorite thing to do lately.  

Yesterday morning we went to pick up our bags to do virtual VBS.  Our church always has a HUGE VBS and this year they are making it work so we can do it at home.  We got bags that have crafts and instruction sheets for each day.  We will watch parts online and then have special snacks at home.  We don't do it until after the 4th but this will give us something fun to do! 

Even the moose had a mask. ha!  We have a pretty empty week this week.  For a summer with no plans - it really seems to be flying by and I'm not loving that.  Even though we have been home 68574 weeks - I'm not going to be ready for it to be over! 

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