Friday, June 12, 2020

Life Lately

It's Friday! Summer is in full swing and I have to say it's been a good summer so far.  We try to fill our days with at least one thing of fun every day mixed in with a lot of staying home and trying to work from home.  

After three months, I finally was able to get my hair done and it was in desperate need.  My hair is completely gray and I get it colored every 4 weeks so even with root kits - it was a mess.  Plus I missed my hair stylist.  She is the sweetest friend to me.  Wearing masks is weird but we got it done! 

While my hair processed, it was a fairly cool morning so I took a chair I had in my car and sat in an empty parking lot versus sitting in my car or in the salon with a mask on.  These are strange times but we are making the best of it.  

We did a drive through party for one of Harper's best friends last week.  These drive by parties are fun and we might be sad when they are no longer a thing.  Harper hopped out for a second to give her a gift and say hi.  

We are still being pretty cautious.  We mostly stay home. We haven't been to many places beside outside or around a ton of people but I've slowly let the kids see a few friends.  The friends have all been doing the same thing so we feel pretty safe.  Plus it's just so good for them to see each other.  Hollis got to see her very best school friend this week for a few hours.  She has missed her so much.  

I took this picture of Harper and she looked so old! 

I went to the grocery store early one morning and I was so proud - I got everything and was going to be home before Scott started working and then I realized I had locked BOTH sets of keys in my car.  I decided last minute to just run in the store with my phone because I always just use Walmart pay and I hate dealing with a purse.  And don't ask why I had both sets of keys. I had to call a locksmith and it was super chilly and drizzling that morning so I had to wait out there and I was cold.  But I was actually thankful it wasn't like most mornings which had been super hot and humid even that early.  

We went to a drive by party for one of Hollis' best friends this week.  Our banner did say Happy birthday but its was super windy so it looks like it says "Baby".  ha! 

The kids have been dying to swim and we don't have a pool and most of our usual options won't work but I found a city pool in a small town nearby and we went right when they opened and it was basically empty!!! We were so happy.  It got busy a couple of hours later and we left but now we have somewhere we can go! (And I can't tell you where it is or it will no longer be empty.  ha ha ha ha)

And that's what happens when they have my phone on the way home and then I look at it later. ha ha ha

Last night we had a girls night.  My girls are at such a fun age.  I love spending time with them and taking them places.  We are getting there with Will Holden. ha! 

My friend Courtney who I met through my blog when our girls were babies has been such an encouragement to me.  She writes books and has a podcast and speaks and just really is an intentional mom of girls and she has inspired me for as long as I've known her.  She and her daughter were driving through from Texas on their way to Kanakuk and stopped and had dinner with us.  It was so fun and I loved our girls getting to meet.  Harper and her daughter are the same age so I guess we have known each other eleven years! So crazy! 

Hope you have a fun weekend! We have no plans (of course) but hope we can make the most of the beautiful weather! 

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