Friday, April 17, 2020

Unexpected Happy

We have been home for 5 weeks now.  It's honestly been really good.  Better than I could have imagined.  The kids have handled it well.  They are happy and content.  And we are settling in to our new normal.  The hard part (besides just missing the normal of life and people) is just the not knowing.  We don't know when this will end and it's hard to think ahead or make plans.  We just moved our summer vacation to fall break but even that seems iffy.  I started this week in a funk.  A lot of it was the weather - it was gloomy and cold.  I just felt down.  (and my dad is doing great - so many of y'all have asked.  He's pretty much back to normal - praise God!)

A lot of it is also that every day is the same.  Will Holden asks me every morning and every night - "What are we going to do today?" and my answer is always "the same thing buddy".  He talks a lot about "when the sickness is over".  

So yesterday was a normal day.  We did school in the morning.  I made lunch.  Scott and I usually eat together at lunch and watch the Office.  It's become a fun date ritual. We also watch something together every night.  We are spending a lot more time together thanks to isolation which has also been nice.  

Right after lunch, Laurie called and she did a drive by! That was  fun surprise! 

Will Holden got a letter from his friend Caroline in the mail.  She had colored him some pictures.  It was so sweet for him to get mail.  

Harper's friend Audrey and her mom did a drive by our house and a few other friends' houses this afternoon.  So fun to see people! 

It was beautiful yesterday so we loaded up and headed out for a walk.  We have so many amazing trails in town but we have avoided them for the last few weeks because they are SO crazy crowded.  A couple of weeks ago we went to one a little more out and it was empty.  It has a fun creek and waterfall so we went back today and it was still fairly empty.  

The dogwoods were so beautiful 

I think it was good for all of us to get outside our walls.  

This is a picture of Harper but it's how I felt! 

These flowers growing on the tree were so pretty.  We got sonic drinks after a long walk and headed home.  

One of my sweet friends dropped off a big stack of Berenstein Bear books that had belonged to her son who is now almost grown for Will Holden.  And a Sonic card for me.  What a fun surprise!!! 

I have never really made breakfast for dinner but it's become a new favorite for the kids.  I got a tiny little waffle maker at Target at the first of year and I make little waffles that look like eggos but taste so much better.  The kids love it.  This is my mickey mouse plate as a kid.  

Hollis' bestie since birth who lives in Texas now face timed her last night and they talked forever and I could hear them talking and laughing.  I know it was good for Hollis' little heart to get to talk to her.  

I love that every kid got some kind of contact from a friend.  We all just needed a little unexpected happy! It's the little things that really do mean so much! 

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