Monday, April 13, 2020

Isolation Week 4

Hello from self isolation! 
I hope you are all doing well.  I thought I would share a little from our last week.  

First of all, my dad tested positive for Covid19 on Thursday.  He had been very sick for about a week and finally got tested.  He is doing okay.  He coughs a lot but his breathing is okay.  I'm grateful for that.  So many of you have been praying for him and I'm SO THANKFUL! I'm hopeful my mom won't get it.  

We have been doing school in the mornings and then going outside as much as possible.  Milli is living her best life with all around all the time.  She gets a ton of walks and snuggles and play time.  I'm afraid she will go to a deep depression when we all leave in a few months and she's home alone.  Or she may be relieved. ha! 

It was super hot one day last week - almost 90.  Of course tonight it is supposed to snow.  And tornadoes hit a lot of the south last night.  Hello April 2020.  You are officially the weirdest month ever.  

The girls have honestly made this whole isolation thing easy.  They aren't perfect - there is some fighting.  But they haven't whined or complained.  They just play together well and mostly have great attitudes. They have helped so much.  They have cleaned out their rooms and closets.  They fold laundry.  They cook breakfast.  They help with Milli.  And they get up at 6 some mornings and finish their school by 7:30.  (Which I don't understand at all. ha!) I'm so so thankful to be their mom.  

Scott had last Thursday and Friday off.  I got up early on Thursday and and went downtown for a walk.  I wanted normalcy and that's one of my favorite things to do.  It was so pretty and spring is in full bloom.  But it was empty and felt so weird.  It's great people are doing their parts it just feels weird.  

It still made me so happy to just get out and see all my normal spots and I wasn't worried about distancing because no one was around.  

I stopped for coffee at one of my favorite spots because they have a plexiglass glass window to order from.  

It's the little things that can make a difference! 

It also reminded me that God is with us.  Just seeing His beautiful nature - I could feel Him.  

The girls fixed up little "happies" for their friends.  We were going to mail them but we delivered them instead.  It was fun to do drive bye and see a few friends.  

Harper and this fun shirt we got from Jamie Ivey! 

The girls made a new you tube video if your kids need something fun to watch! 

Friday I had a zoom meeting with our Tangible Truth Board.  It's so weird to do this but I'm so thankful for technology.  

Our weekend was pretty low key.  I mean isn't everyones at this point?  I took no pictures.  We just hung around the house. ha!  We did pick up takeout from Flying Fish which was a highlight because I didn't cook.  

Yesterday Easter felt really strange but it was also kind of special.  The Easter bunny did manage to show up.  

We didn't bother dressing up.  I saw a lot of people on social media did.  But I didn't buy ahead outfits this year and I kind of wanted a picture that was a true representation of what this year looked like for us.  We do have a lot of Easter tees so the kids wore those and we stayed in pj's and we watched several church services on TV.  The worship and sermons and focusing on Jesus just means more right now.  Everything we have ever depended on - jobs, school, money, stock market, health, people - have been stripped away and we are seeing the only thing we can trust in is Him.  And maybe that's not a bad thing.  I'm anxious for life to go back to normal but I hope it's never normal again.  I hope we all life differently when this is over.  Something tells me we will.  

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