Monday, April 20, 2020

Week Five Round up

Well - we have made it through five weeks! I feel like I'm just settling in.  I started out feeling so anxious - I didn't sleep and I would just pace around the house.  Then I became sad and cried a lot.  Now I'm pretty content and I'm just resting in where we are and just living in the current day.  

Hollis had a google hang with some friends and her teacher on Friday.  It made her happy! 

We have been doing a lot of crafting around here.  The kids play a lot of games and they paint and make crafts.  I say yes a lot more than normal these days.  

I said yes to chocolate cobbler on Friday night.  We had a family movie night and Scott saw Boomama made this on her instagram and asked about it.  I decided if I had the ingredients I would try it and wouldn't you know I had just enough.  Like I literally had one cup of flour.  I had all purpose but it worked just fine.  And it was so good.  We have been cutting sweets but sometimes you just need a treat.  Here is the recipe! It's good with a little ice cream on top! 

Saturday was cold but so pretty.  I went for a long walk in the morning.  It felt so good to get out alone and just walk.  Scott worked in the yard all weekend.  

We try to get takeout once a week to support local restaurants and for me to have a break from cooking.  We got Local Lime this weekend which is my very favorite.  I looked forward to it for days. ha! They have zucchini salsa which is the best thing ever! I put it on a silver platter because it felt like a 5 star vacation to have it to eat! 

The kids broke out bikes this weekend and have been riding non stop.  Scott is trying out a bike and has been taking them on rides.  Now I need to get one too I guess.  

We were outside Saturday night and the Ormons came driving by.  It was good to stand (safely away) and visit with them! Almost felt like we were hanging out for real.  

Sunday mornings are always special.  We sit and watch a few church services.  It's not like being at actual church and I worry how long it will be before we can meet again but I'm thankful we can worship and hear sermons and focus on Jesus in that way.  We spent the rest of Sunday just spending time together and more bike rides and laundry.  Always laundry.  

I hope this week will be a good one! We have one thing to look forward to this week - its Will Holden's birthday! He's turning five which I can hardly believe! 

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