Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Drive Bys and Hair Cuts

Since we are home for the unforeseeable future, Scott ordered a tent so he and the kids could camp in the backyard.  Notice I said he and the kids.  Milli and I will sleep in our own bed.  It came Friday but it was freezing this weekend so they talked him into setting it up in the living room.  I mean why not at this point? 

Saturday was so cold and rainy and we just hung around the house.  One of Harper's friends had a birthday so they had a "drive by" party.  This seems to be the new trend right now.  We took balloons from Hollis' birthday and honked and yelled and threw a gift out the window.  ha! 

They gave us a gift bag with quarantine essentials. ha! Making the best of it! 

Will Holden's hair was hanging over his ears and he had a major rat tail so we decided we had to do a cut.  We would have done it outside but it was too cold.  

It started out great but he would NOT sit still.  So Scott just ended up buzzing it off.  His hair grows so fast and it will be back to normal well before we get out in public again.  

I actually think he looks really cute and he's really blond again this way.  Notice he took a bath after and just changed pj's.  That's pretty much how we are living.  

I can't sew and I only have one bandana so I've been scrounging around trying to figure out what I'm going to do for a mask.  This bra might finally get a good use. ha! 

The girls slept in the tent Saturday night.  They had a good time.  We had to take it down Sunday thought because it was in the way and there was a lot of fighting going on over it.  

Yesterday we did our school work and then it warmed up a little so I got us out for fresh air.  We had been cooped up for a few days.  We went to a nearby trail that was completely empty.  I was so excited!!  We were able to walk and play in the creek for almost 2 hours without seeing anyone! We needed that. 

While we were there, I started getting texts that the governor announced we were out of school for the year.  WE are still doing online school until the end of May.  I'm sad for the kids because they LOVED their classes and teachers this year.  They are missing out on all the end of school things.  Will Holden won't have a preschool graduation which was my favorite things for the girls.  I'm just sad.  I know there are WORSE things.  But we all get to sit in our sadness over whatever it is right now.  And then we can move on and choose joy.  My kids have handled it all well and I know how much we have to be thankful for but it's just such a weird feeling and we just don't know what the future holds.  

But we had a good afternoon and we are just taking it one day at a time right now.  It's all we can do.  

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