Monday, April 06, 2020

I just called to say I love you

Well even though there is clearly not a lot going on - I still want to keep a record of these days.  These are FOR SURE days we will never forget.   We spend our days doing school in the mornings and then getting outside for a walk if it's nice and the rest of the time the kids play or craft or watch TV.  And we pretty much wear pj's or shorts and tees 100% of the time.  In fact as I was doing laundry this week - I realized it was just towels and pj's and I could basically just leave them in a pile for us to wear all over again the next week.  ha! 

I have managed to show the girls how to cook a few things.  They make bacon and eggs for breakfast and I taught them how to make Taco Soup one day last week.  

I work part time from home and since Scott is now in our office - I just set up my laptop on the kitchen table along with the kids.  This little elf just sits near me talking while I work.  ha! We have a small office in our laundry room that became a collection place for junk but this weekend we cleaned it out so I have a desk again to work at.  Hopefully that will help since we will all likely be home for a while.  

Wednesday I had to get out to do a few things (all from the car) so our first stop was 7 Brew for a coffee for me and a pup cup for Milli.  She LOVES going there! 

Wednesday was Laurie's birthday so I set us up with a zoom call with all our best friends.  We had so much fun talking - almost like we were in the same room.  I keep thinking of how much lonelier this would all be if this was 20 years ago - before social media and face time and zoom.  

My hair stylist mixed up my root color for me and I ran by and picked it up.  I hate she is having to be closed right now and my poor hair.  I'm completely gray so things were about to get bad.  ha! I think we are all finding out how important hair stylists and teachers are! And grocery store workers.  And of COURSE anyone in medical fields.  

One afternoon it was nice so we went to a trail that has a creek so they could wade and throw rocks.  Things like that make the world seem a little less scary and sad.  

I saw this candle from Bath and Bodyworks online and they said it smells like Soaring at Disney.  It was on sale so I ordered one and it is SO good! Scott usually hates candles but he LOVES it because it really does smell like Soaring.  We are dying to go back to Disney.  I'm not sure what that will look like right now but for now we just watch ride videos and burn the candle. ha! 

Milli has been with us 3 months as of last week.  She has grown so much.  I've said it a lot but I'm so grateful to have her right now.  She's such a good cuddler and I think she keeps me calm.  When this is all over and we have to leave her home alone - she is going to HATE LIFE.  She has gotten so used to being with us 24/7.  

Hollis got to have a google hang out with her teacher and a few friends last week.  It made her so happy.  She loves her teacher so much.  I'm sad that her year got cut because she just has such a connection with her teacher.  

I took this picture to send to my stylist because I was so proud that I colored my hair and it turned out okay.  I put the color on one morning that got SUPER busy and I got distracted and left it on twice as long as I was supposed to and when I went to wash it - I thought I had tuned it all black.  ha! It's funny that hair is a weird issue in this isolation time.  

The trees are SO pretty right now and our square is full of beautiful tulips.  I hate that we are all missing out on how pretty the spring is because we are stuck inside but just seeing the colors come out keeps reminding me the promise of new life after darkness and I know there will be joy again after all this is over.  

Harper had a google hang with her teacher too.  She's constantly on some kind of face time call or google hang right now.  I told Scott we had to be careful what we were doing or wearing or saying these days because one of our kids is always walking around on a video chat with other kids. ha ha ha ha! 

Will Holden even joined in with a few face time calls to friends this week.  He has missed his buddies SOOOOOO badly.  He begged and begged to talk to them.  Thankfully some of the moms of the boys asked me before I could ask them.  And it's so sweet to hear them talk.  WH just laughs and laughs when he talks to his friends.  

It's so hard being away from people.  I realize more than even how much we all crave community.  But I'm also so grateful for technology.  Letter writing is great - I did my fair share of it in college to friends - but I love being able to text and call and see people from my pj's at home too! 

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