Thursday, January 02, 2020

New Puppy - New Life

I still have more Christmas to recap but first I want to post about the newest member of our family.  If you don't like dogs - you might want to skip this post. ha! 

I grew up with dogs.  We got my dog Buster when I was in 3rd grade and he died when I was a junior in college.  My parents have had a lot of dogs since.  The year before we got married - Scott gave me Dawson, a Bichon, for Christmas.  He was my baby.  We had to put him to sleep when Will Holden was just a few months old.  After he died,  my hands were full of kids and I just didn't want another dog.  

But the girls have begged and begged and so it was finally time.  We told them a puppy would come for Christmas.  I would have loved to have surprised them on Christmas morning but the logistics just didn't work and we had to travel for Christmas so they knew this was their gift but we would pick up after Christmas.  

So on Monday the 30th, we drove an hour north to MO and picked up Milli! She's a Cavapoo and she's 8 weeks old.  

And yes they dressed up to take "newborn" pictures because you only get a new puppy every 15 years or so.  I told Scott when Milli dies, they will all probably be out of the house.  That's hard to imagine.  

Milli Bell Stamps.  The girls named her and they are smitten.  

I mean is this the cutest picture or what? 

Or maybe this is! ha! 

We had a fun morning driving and picking her up! 

She's a super calm puppy.  She loves to snuggle and she LOVES the kids.  

The potty training is .......going.  You forget how much work a puppy is.  It's basically worse than a new born.  But we will get there. 

We are attempting to crate train.  We have a doggy door so we are working on that too.  Hopefully she will get the hang of that soon.  We gave her her first bath last night and she seemed to like it.  

She's just so cute and cuddly.  I love how much dogs love you.  I mean the first day with us and she was already attached.  

The Ormon girls had to come meet her.  

And she had her first vet visit and was healthy.  It's nice that we have a week at home with her before the kids go back to school.  They are doing the majority of the work with her and I'm proud of them.  They have been so happy to have a puppy and that makes the work worth it.  Plus that cute little face - who can resist? 

My parents are coming to meet her today! 

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