Tuesday, January 07, 2020


Today school starts back and it's time to get back in a routine.  

We have been laying low ever since Christmas ended and we got Milli.  Having a new puppy is much like having a newborn.  So we have just mostly stayed home and taken her outside. ha! 

My parents and My Aunt Linda came over to meet our new girl! 

We mostly stuck around the house this weekend.  Harper had a sleepover with one of her best friends Friday night.  We stayed home most of Saturday.  For the last year - I have been having this issue where my knee pops out of join occasionally.  It hurts HORRIBLE when it happens but I can usually pop back in place.  Saturday night it happened and I couldn't pop it back.  I couldn't stand or walk and I was in EXTREME pain.  So scott called Steve and had him come over to keep the kids and our dog (they had company or Laurie would have come) and he took me to the walk in.  They gave me some pain and steroid shots and a muscle relaxer and about an hour after we got home - I was completely fine.  It was so crazy.  

He referred me to an ortho who I am seeing next week.  Hopefully I don't need surgery but maybe there is something they can do.  I always have the weirdest things happen to me. ha! 

Sunday we went to church and then spent the afternoon at home.  I took the girls Sunday night to see "Little Women".  We loved it so much! I loved it more than the Winona Ryder version.  I loved the way they told the story.  

Yesterday was our last day of Christmas vacation.  The girls got gift cards to Climb Bentonville so I took them twice yesterday.  You get a day pass so you can go as much as you want that day.  

They had a great time! 

Me and my sweet boy! 

My girls went over to one of my friends' houses and played with her girls for a while.  They were SO happy! They are counting the days until they can be official babysitters one day.  

I start leading a new Bible Study this morning and kids are back at school! It's a good Tuesday! 

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