Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Eleven is Heaven

I'm behind on blogging! Life has been busy but I still love documenting all the things so I can look back! 

Last Monday I took Milli for a vet visit. She had to get shots.  She's doing great and growing quickly. Potty training is going.  She's so cute which helps.  And she's identified me as her person.  She likes the kids but she will look everywhere for me.  If she could say "momma" like Will Holden - they would both call my name all day long.  

After that I headed to the orthopedic doctor about my knee.  Apparently I have sprained some ligaments around my knee.  I will be fine.  I need to exercise it and I will probably have that whole knee issue happen again but there is not much they can do for it.  

Thursday Will Holden had a friend over.  If it was up to him - he would have a different friend over every day.  He has about 20 best friends.  This little guy is one of them.  They were so cute playing together! 

Yes - they are the same age and WH is even tall for his age.  But his friend might be a pro baller one day.  His brothers are big boys too.  They are all adorable.  

We headed to school at lunch because it was Harper's birthday so we ate lunch with her! I love that she still likes me to come at lunch.  

Harper's bestie Sarah Kate brought her a sweet treat after school to celebrate! 

Scott came home and we let her open gifts.  She had sent me everything she wanted with Amazon links.  And it was all small and simple things which was so sweet.  She wanted these high top shoes which weren't my pick but she loves them! She's at such a sweet age! 

She picked Chili's for her birthday dinner so that's where we went.  She had a great day and then we had a party for her on Monday.  Hopefully she felt loved and cherished.  

I can't believe she's ELEVEN! So many off you have been around since she was born! 

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