Monday, January 27, 2020

Party like it's 2020

Harper turned 11 on January 16th.  My kids are always planning what they want to do for their birthdays.  Harper had decided she wanted to have a cookie or cake decorating party.  I looked into a few bakeries and then realized there was a teenager at my church who was talented at baking and I decided to hire her and have her just come to our house and do the party.  And since we were out of school on Monday the 20th for MLK day - I thought it would be good to do the party then.  The girls would have something to do besides watching You tube videos and it didn't take up anyone's weekend.  Plus Scott would be at work and wouldn't be overwhelmed by the noise of 10 VERY LOUD middle school girls. ha ha ! 

I found this backdrop and balloon garland on amazon for cheap and it was fun to put up so we could take a few pictures! 

Harper and her cousin bestie.  Harper mostly invited school friends but she always wants Sarah Kate there! 

This is the sweetest group of girls.  They got close last year - they were all in the same class except one of them and they now all meet for lunch every day at middle school.  

They each got 12 cookies to decorate and a box to take them home.  It was so fun! 

Alyssa and her mom put this all together! If you are local and need a fun idea for a party - let me know and I will give you their contact info! :- ) I was their first party but I told them to go into business.  

The girls were sweet to include Hollis! 

Laney on the left is in Harper's class this year and they have become best friends.  She has a cochlear implant and they share an FM system and she's just an answer to prayer! I love that they are so close! 

The girls were all so into Milli.  One of them constantly had her.  

They had pizza and watched High School musical.  

And had cookie cake for dessert.  

And then they just played and had the best time.  Will Holden was in heaven hanging out with all the girls.  They jumped on the trampoline and played hide and seek and just laughed a lot.  

Her friend Aubree was a really cool MLK event in the morning and got to be on stage but she was able to come party with us in the afternoon! 

Milli was WIPED OUT by the end of the day.  It was a fun birthday! I LOVE LOVE this age! 

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