Thursday, December 05, 2019

Hogs and Trees

One of my very places on earth is Bud Walton Arena - the Razorback basketball arena.  I started going to games back in the early 90's when we had just won a national championship and I had moved to Fayetteville after college and the arena was just magical.  It would be completely packed every game.  

I don't get to games very often anymore but I thought it would be fun for us to all go during Thanksgiving break.  Will Holden had never been to a razorback game of any kind and I was excited to take him.  The girls really enjoy going to games.  We got there super early (can you tell?)

Our football team is TERRIBLE but we are 8-0 in basketball right now so it's especially fun to go to a game.  I'm hoping we can catch at least one more this season.  

Scott's parents had never been to a basketball game either and I think they enjoyed it.  

The girls and I had fun together! They play fun music and we high fived when we scored and called the hogs.  

Will Holden on the other hand just kept asking for popcorn and insisted on going to the bathroom three times.  :-( 

But we won! 

I thought it was a great idea to go see the Fayetteville lights after.  I wasn't really thinking about how this was the first decent weather day all Thanksgiving break AND that it was the saturday of Thanksgiving break AND that it was right after a game.  There were at least half a million people on the square (I might be exaggerating but it sure seemed that way) so we lasted about 5 minutes.  

We always like to eat at US Pizza on Dickson before we see the Fayetteville lights.  We went there after.  It didn't disappoint.  

Sunday morning, Scott's parents headed home and we headed to church in matching buffalo check.  ha! 

We spent the afternoon decorating for Christmas.  This was the first year that I let the kids do the decorating.  I love our real tree and our tree isn't fancy but I love it and the kids love it.  

It was a good Thanksgiving break and then sadly we had to get back to the real world on Monday morning.  But less than 3 weeks until Christmas now - can you believe it? 

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