Monday, December 02, 2019

Turkey Day!

We enjoyed our Thanksgiving break.  We hosted this year and Scott's parents came to stay with us.  I had planned to cook all of Thanksgiving lunch but then I saw that the Mennonite restaurant we love made Thanksgiving.  At first I was just going to get dressing from them.  I've never made dressing and I wasn't sure it would be any good.  Then I figured I might as well get a turkey and a couple of desserts too.  

It's about 30 minutes away so the kids and I went to pick up the food on Wednesday morning.  They had semi trucks that they were serving the food out of and long lines! 

And delicious pies for days! 

We went from there to the store to grab a few more things and by the time we got home - Scott and his parents were far behind to meet us.  I made soup that night and we watched a christmas movie.  

I made a few extra sides to go with out meal  and we ate at lunch.  

I set the table complete with leftover wedding napkins.....from 16 years ago! ha! We must have really ordered a lot! They just seem to always be around.  

We had a great lunch! 

We went over to our friends' house later in the afternoon and stayed for a few hours visiting.  I didn't take one picture but we had a great time.  We came home and ate leftovers.  

Friday morning was dreary and misty but it was one of the only times we had to go get a Christmas tree so we went for it.  Once we got there, it started raining more so instead of walking around and cutting a tree - we decided to get one of the already cut trees that was under shelter. ha! They were frazier firs and we have never had one and I LOVE how they look.  

We picked a good one and brought it home.  

That night we went to eat dinner.  

After that we went to the square and got ice cream and walked around to look at the lights.  

We have the cutest town square and at Christmas it's just magical.  It's my favorite place! 

We are excited that Christmas is here! WE love to do all the things and enjoy the season as much as we can! 

That's the first part of our break - I will share more tomorrow! 

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