Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Christmas Singing and Parties

The first Sunday in December is always a big Christmas program at church.  The kids always sing in the morning with the adults and then have a musical at night.  

And I have a picture in front of the big tree at church every year.  Oh how these little girls have grown.  No more bunched up tights or big bows or matching dresses.  

This was my favorite year with the sweet monogrammed dresses.  

But I love these grown up kids too.  Will Holden didn't do choir this year.  Last year about did me in so I decided we would lay low and maybe try again when he's 5. ha! 

The girls did great singing that morning.  This was the first year in about 8 years that I haven't helped with preschool choir and I just sat in church and watched. It was the least stressed I have ever been and I loved it! 

In the afternoon, Will Holden went to his first ever birthday party that just he was invited to.  His excitement level was about 35 on a scale from 1-10.  

How cute was this cake???? It was a race car themed party and WH was just beside himself.  

This is his buddy Channing.  C squealed when he saw WH and they hugged.  It was the cutest thing.  They bowled and had so much fun.  

Will Holden is my most social kid.  He LOVES people and has never met a stranger.  Every time he meets a kid he will come away saying they are his best friend and he wants to invite them to his birthday or have a play date.  I love this about him and I pray he's always outgoing and loves people.  

We had to make a mad dash back to church for the kids program that night.  Harper had a solo and she did great.  

Hollis sang a duet.  I was just so proud of her for even trying out.  She's so shy and I couldn't believe when she told me she tried out for a part.  And she stood up there so confident and did great! 

All the kids did so good.  I love hearing them sing about Jesus and really understanding why we celebrate Christmas.  

Love these kids 


Sarah Kate had a solo too.  This is her last year in kids choir.  She will be in youth next year.  These girls have really grown up from tiny babies who used to play together.  

We have a lot more Christmas fun going on this week! I've got to run - I have three things to go to today! 

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