Thursday, December 12, 2019

Santa is Coming to Town

Tuesday I went to the Holiday open house at Beautiful Lives.  Beautiful lives is a thrift boutique store.  Their purpose is to take profits and help women in need in our community.  And they have AMAZING stuff! Armani suits with the tags still on.  Designer purses.  Coach shoes.  If you are local - you need to come shop! Susan sold books and we represented our ministry at the Open House.  

I ran from there to a lunch for our women's council at church.  We plan events and Bible studies for the women of our church and Laurie is our fearless leader.  She is a complete volunteer and does such a great job.  It's just her calling.  

I'm loving this blouse.  A lot of you asked me about it.  I got it on a Black Friday sale but here is the link

That night I had a board meeting and dinner with our Tangible Truth Board.  We had a great time together and have so many exciting things we are working on for next year! 

We have a great group! 

Yesterday Scott and I headed to the DMV.  My Driver's License expires in a few days and I needed to get a new one plus we needed the new ID you have to have to fly.  

This new license lasts 8 years.  It's so crazy to think I will be 54 the next time I get one.  

My sweet neighbor knocked on the door yesterday and brought me his Sports Illustrated.  There is a great article about the rivalry between Ouachita and Henderson.  Henderson is right across the street from OBU.  The football teams just walk across the road to play the game.  It's a HUGE rivalry full of pranks on both sides.  My girls had both worn their OBU sweat shirts to school.  

Last night was our 11th annual dinner and visit to Santa Claus.  

We went to Louise to eat.  It's so good.  I had the best salmon and quinoa and everyone else had burgers.  

The kids love going there.  

We got a cute picture! 

Gosh they change fast! Look at baby Will Holden and those socks.  ha! He wouldn't wear shoes.  Nothing has changed - he still won't wear shoes.  

I'm not going to lie - I miss these crying pics.  The girls and I pull them up every year and laugh so hard.  

They love these as much as Scott and I do.  

We ended the night by looking at lights.  This time of year is so hectic but I love it! 

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