Thursday, October 10, 2019

Girls College Weekend

Last Friday afternoon, Laurie and I packed up our girls and headed out of town.  

We stopped at Felter's in Russelleville for dinner.  

We pulled into Arkadelphia around 9:30 and headed straight to campus.  Tiger Tunes was letting out so we walked around the crowd to look or our friend Mercedes.  She was our youth intern who lived with Laurie this past summer.  

We were so happy to be back at the school we love! 

The girls were loving living the college life! We were out until about 10:30 that night.  

It was homecoming weekend.  The next morning we headed to campus.  All the social clubs (sororities at our Baptist school) had gathering spots on the campus lawn.  They had a big breakfast set up in the middle of campus.  We ate and walked around.  

The Tiger in the middle of campus is a big landmark.  When I was in school it was  gold and there wasn't a fence around it.  But let's just say a lot of pranks and hijinks went on with the tiger and they have painted it and locked it up since but they opened it up for pictures that day! 

We saw our friend Keleigh.  Doesn't she look like Harper in 10 years? (all the social clubs wear club suits on homecoming day.) 

I was a Tru chi and it was our 30th anniversary so a lot of old friends were in town.  

This is my sweet friend Janna.  I haven't seen her in 25 years but she was the person who made me want to pledge Tri Chi.  I had pre med classes with her my freshman year and she was just so sweet.  

Next we headed to the football game.  I have literally never been as hot as I was at the game.  It was an oven inside the stadium.  

The girls saw the Tiger and I ran into lots of old friends.  

Mercedes was on homecoming court and we were so proud of her.  

The OBU football team is Division 2 but they are really good.  Better than the razorbacks.  We won our game but we left at halftime because we were near death.  ha! 

We took the girls on a little campus tour.  We visited one of the dorms we lived in.  It still smells exactly the same.  

A sweet couple in my parents church had a classroom in the Bible Building named after my parents.  It is such a special honor.  I had to take the girls picture in front of the sign.  

My best guy friend in college is now a professor of finance and business.  He lives right on campus in a cool old house so we dropped by to visit him.  Then we headed to eat at Burger Barn before going back and all taking showers. 

We shared one room in a hotel that had three beds in it.  I didn't really think through only having one bathroom for the 6 of us because I was thinking of when the girls were little and we just got them up and got them dressed.  Now they all take long showers and primp and curl their own hair. ha! It took us hours for us to all get ready to go anywhere.  

OBU has a huge event each fall to raise scholarship money.  It's been going on for 40 years.  All the school clubs pick a theme and put on a show where they dance and sing popular songs but change words to match the theme.  It was my favorite memory as a student and I love going back.  Our girls have never been and they loved it.  

I ran into my sweet friend April.  She was homecoming queen when we were in school and the sweetest! 

Laurie and I had the BEST time.  It's a weird thing when in your head you are basically still 22 and could be one of the students but in actuality you are the same age as all the parents.  In fact - we saw a ton of friends because they all have kids there.  

My Tri Chis did great! They were diner waitresses.  

We didn't get to bed Saturday night until about 12:30 so we slept late Sunday and packed up to leave. The girls all got a OBU shirt and had to wear it home.  I think our brainwashing is complete.  They are all ready to go to college.  We met so many sweet OBU students who were so nice to our girls.  

We stopped in Little Rock and ate lunch and then went to visit my college roommate Kandi.  

And then we headed home.  Scott and Will Holden had a boys weekend while I was gone and they had a great time.  

I can't wait to do it again next year! 

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